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Full text of "Flora Indica Vol-I"

MelodorumJ]                       FLORA INDICA.                                   115

1.  A. squamosa (L. Sp. 757); foliis membranaceis, juuioribus
pubescentibus subtus glaucis oblongo-lanceolatis acuminatis aciitis vel
obtusis - basi  acutiusculis,  pedunculis unifloris subsolitariis,   fructu
ovato-globoso vel conico, areolis  convexo-prominentibus  viridi-flavis
vel glaucescqntibus. — Roxb. J?l. Ind. ii. 657 ; DC. Syst. L 472, Prod.
i. 85 ; Bl. M. Jav. Anon. 107. t. 53 B (fructus) -  Wall. Cat. 6490 1 ;
TT. et A. Prod. i. 7 ; Bot. Mag. t. 3095 ; Martins, II. Bras. Anon. 14.
t. 5,/. 1 (fructus). — Elmd. Mai. iii. t. 29 ; EumpJi. Ami. i. t. 46.

HAB. In hortis ubique culta et ssepein dumetis ^subspontanea, prae-
sertim in provinciis australioribus.

DISTBIB. In insulis Antillis indigena ; per totum orbem tropicutn

The leaves of this species are smaller than those of the next, and more frequently
obtuse than acute. When in fruit the two are readily distinguished.

2.  A. Yeticulata (L. Sp. 757); foliis membranaceis subtus sca-
briusculis oBlpngis aut oblongo-lanceolatis acuminatis basique acutius-
culis, pedunculis lateralibus 2-4 confertis, fructu cordato-ovato obtuso
cortice scabriuscifto^crasso fiisco vel subrubello leviter pentagono-reti-
culato, areolis planiusculis, semiriibus nigricantibus. — Roxb. Fl. Ind.
iii. 657; DC. Syst. i. 473, Prod. i. 85 ; Bl. M. Jan. Anon. 108 ; Wall.
Cat. 6489 1 ; W. et A. Prod. i. 7 ; Bot. Mag. t. 2911, 2912 • Mart. Ikr.
Bras. Anon. l^.—Kheed.. Mai. iii. t. 30, 81.

HAB. In hortis culta, Mnc inde subspontanea.
DISTEIB. In insulis Antillis indigena; per totum orbem tropicum

Bheede, Roxhurgh, Blume, Wallich, and Wight unite in bearing testimony that
no species but the two above described are in common cultivation in India, so that
A. Matica, L., which is referred conjecturally by Brown to A. muricata, L., is
rightly considered by Martias a spurious species, made by mixing the characters of
A. sguamosa and reticulata, to one or other of which species it is generally referred,

Tribus IV.
Petala sestivatione valvata, baud unguiculata ; interiora difformia, tri-
quetra. Stamina indefinita. Carpella discreta, interdum de'finita.
10. MELODORUM, Dunal.
Unona, § Melodorum, Dunal, DC. Uvaria, § Melodorse, JBlume (excl. sp.). Po-
lyalthia, § Kentia, Blume.
Sepala 3, parva, basi plus minus coalita. Petala 6, eest. biseriatim
valvata ; exteriora convexa, interiora superne triquetra. Stamina in-
definita, multiserialia, connective ultra antherarum loculos lineares
extrorsos contiguos in processum ovalem vel ob^ougum carnosum pro-
ducto. Torus convexo-conicus. Ovaria nunierosa, oblonga, secus su-
turwn veutralem multi- vel pluri-ovulata, rarius biovulata. Styli ob-
longi. — Frutices plenum ytie scandentes, foliorurn nervis sulftus conspiculs
obliquis rectis vel vix incurvis parallels, inflorescentia terminal! vel oppo-
sitifofw, nlabasstris triguetrix tmentom